Nine things to organize before a tragedy

If you became seriously ill or were in a major car accident what would happen? Do you have your documents in order? Do you have a Healthcare Directive? What about a Power of Attorney and a Will?

Someone else may temporarily need to make decisions for you or help you with your banking. To do this they will need a Power of Attorney. That Power of Attorney may need to speak with the insurance company or your attorney. That person can only do this with the proper legal document.


  1. Writing down your medications that you currently take
  2. Pet routines and medications
  3. Passwords to pick up voicemail messages and emails
  4. Your calendar, is it online, how does someone access it?
  5. Where is your address book?
  6. Do you have a PO Box, where is the key?
  7. Are your bills paid automatically online? Write down which bills are on autopay
  8. Do you have a home alarm system? Write down how it works.
  9. Are there any quirks about your home?