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Study: Divorce May Improve Hostile Relationships

Posted on by Katie Synor

A new study from the Human Development and Family Studies department at the University of Missouri – Columbia offers a glimpse at a more positive outlook for families of divorce.

According to Marilyn Coleman, many relationships may improve immediately, or over time after a divorce is finalized. Researchers found oftentimes ex-spouses are able to set aside their differences in order to put their children’s needs first.

In the study, researchers interviewed 20 women who shared custody of their children with their ex-spouses. Half of the women reported challenging relationships, while the other half reported amicable relationships after the divorce.

The study looked at relationships prior to the divorce and further down the line. While the study was small in scope, it offers hope for the families who face a divorce in the future. The study named, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Divorced Mothers’ Experiences with Co-Parenting”is scheduled to appear in an upcoming issue of Family Relations.

For more information, visit The University of Missouri – Columbia Web site.

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