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Technology Can Help Or Hurt In Dealing With An Ex

Posted on by Katie Synor

A new study released by the University of Missouri Monday said divorced and separated couples with poor relationships often use technology to manipulate situations, while those with good relationships use it to help better communicate about their children.

Researchers found that ex-couples with poor relationships often use emails, texting and social media to communicate with their ex partners about their children, but when the relationship was strained, ex-spouses used technology to limit their former partner’s access to the children. Researchers observed electronic communication was use in difficult relationships to avoid confrontations and control access to the children.

Researchers also observed that in relationships where the spouse got along, parents could use the technologies to benefit the children, making it easier to co-parent.

Lawrence Ganong, a professor of human development and family studies at MU and his team interviewed 49 divorced parents individually about the quality of their relationship with their ex-partners.

In the relationships where the ex-partners didn’t get along, sometimes a former spouse would pretend not to receive a message in order to benefit themselves or hurt the other parent.

The researchers suggest divorce counselors should teach separated or divorced parents the best ways to use technology to benefit their children and maintain healthy environments for them. The study was published in last month’s Family Relations.

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