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Category Archives: family law

Where to start when a loved one dies

Posted on by track234kerde38we

Clients often ask me what to do first when a loved one dies. The client is overwhelmed and needs a clear plan of what to do next. Here is a quick checklist to follow to help you in a time … Continue reading

Sandwiched in the Middle

Posted on by Katie Synor

The “Sandwich Generation” – a term given to adults who are raising children and simultaneously caring for elderly or inform parents. As the huge numbers of aging “Baby Boomers” near retirement age we will see an increase in the Sandwich … Continue reading

Study: Divorce Affects A Woman’s Retirement, Savings

Posted on by Katie Synor

One in every five women stop pension payments after divorce, while half of married women make no contribution to their pensions while they are still married, according to new research from British financial specialist the Phoenix Group. According to their … Continue reading

TV Watching Could Negatively Affect How Couples View Their Relationship

Posted on by Katie Synor

Frequent television viewing could affect the status of a romantic relationship according to a study published last fall in Mass Communication and Society. The study results published in an article entitled “When TV and Marriage Meet: A Social Exchange Analysis … Continue reading

Legislation Passes Senate Eliminating Adoption Tax Credit For Out-Of-State Adoptions

Posted on by Katie Synor

Legislation that passed the Senate this week may steer Missouri couples more toward adopting a Missouri child over adopting one from outside the area. Legislation passed the Senate eliminating a $2 million annual allotment of tax credits for those couples … Continue reading

Study: Divorce Rates Decreased During Great Recession

Posted on by Katie Synor

Findings from a new study showed the divorce rates in the United States dropped during the Great Recession, but are beginning to rebound. The study, conducted by Dr. Adbur Chowdhury at Marquette University titled, “Til Recession Do us Part: Booms, Busts and Divorce … Continue reading

Technology Can Help Or Hurt In Dealing With An Ex

Posted on by Katie Synor

A new study released by the University of Missouri Monday said divorced and separated couples with poor relationships often use technology to manipulate situations, while those with good relationships use it to help better communicate about their children. Researchers found … Continue reading

Study: Divorce May Improve Hostile Relationships

Posted on by Katie Synor

A new study from the Human Development and Family Studies department at the University of Missouri – Columbia offers a glimpse at a more positive outlook for families of divorce. According to Marilyn Coleman, many relationships may improve immediately, or … Continue reading

Nebraska Supreme Court Overturns Decision In Custody Battle

Posted on by Katie Synor

A St. Louis man has been denied custody rights after a court ruled Todd Winthrow waited too long to seek custody and he failed to follow-up after learning the mother may be pregnant, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled Friday. The … Continue reading

Three Charged In Abduction Of 5-Year-Old On Transplant List

Posted on by Katie Synor

Three people have been charged in the abduction of a 5-year-old boy who was taken from a St. Louis Hospital where he is very sick and on the heart transplant list. Porter Stone was kidnapped Tuesday after he completed an … Continue reading