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Category Archives: estate planning

Funding your Trust

Posted on by Tracker Designs

Now that you have set up your trust, the most important step is funding the trust. It is very important to transfer assets into the name of your trust, or the assets will end up in probate or conservatorship proceedings. … Continue reading

One focus of my law practice is Estate Planning…

Posted on by Tracker Designs

One focus of my law practice is Estate Planning, which can have a long-lasting impact on your loved ones. Consider these four reasons why you should have an estate plan, in order to protect your family. 1. Prevents Wealth From … Continue reading

Where to start when a loved one dies

Posted on by Tracker Designs

Clients often ask me what to do first when a loved one dies. The client is overwhelmed and needs a clear plan of what to do next. Here is a quick checklist to follow to help you in a time … Continue reading

Trusts: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted on by Katie Synor

Only a few years ago, people set up living trusts almost exclusively to save on taxes. Today, they are used to avoid Probate and for other purposes. This article explains the living trust. It is not meant to be a … Continue reading

What is Estate Planning?

Posted on by Katie Synor

What is Estate Planning? “Estate” is the legal term used to define your property and money—basically, everything that belongs to you. Estate planning attorneys tell you different strategies you can use to transfer your belongings after you die. By planning … Continue reading

Paper Calls For Regulation Of What Happens To Digital Assets After Death

Posted on by Katie Synor

With more of people’s lives spent online, the issue of what to do in the event of their death with their digital assets is an ever more-pressing question. According to a paper written by a University of Illinois law professor … Continue reading