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Category Archives: divorce

How is debt divided in divorce?

Posted on by Katie Synor

In Missouri, assets are divided based on a principle called equitable distribution, which means that the court uses several key factors to develop a fair dispersal of money and property. With regard to debt, courts also rely on equitable distribution … Continue reading

Collaborative No Court Divorce

Posted on by Katie Synor

Collaborative No Court Divorce is low confrontation, high negotiation divorce process that affords clients the opportunity to resolve issues through meditation and attorney consultation by sharing information, striving toward common goals, and ultimately completing divorce with less pain, controversy and … Continue reading


Posted on by Katie Synor

Before beginning divorce proceedings you should give thoughtful consideration to a number of factors. For example, how much will it cost you to live alone and how much will it cost you to support your children.¬† In addition, there is … Continue reading

What Are Contested and Uncontested Divorces – Troy Missouri Divorce Attorney

Posted on by Katie Synor

Since divorce can be a very painful, life-changing event, emotions often run high and it may be challenging for a divorcing couple to agree upon how to divide time with their children or specific assets. The longer a divorce drags … Continue reading

Study: Divorce Affects A Woman’s Retirement, Savings

Posted on by Katie Synor

One in every five women stop pension payments after divorce, while half of married women make no contribution to their pensions while they are still married, according to new research from British financial specialist the Phoenix Group. According to their … Continue reading

Rare Child Custody Case Makes It To Supreme Court

Posted on by Katie Synor

With only one percent of all court cases even presented to the United States Supreme Court and with only a very small fraction of that percentage involving family law, it is rare a child custody case is ever heard by … Continue reading

Study: Divorce Rates Decreased During Great Recession

Posted on by Katie Synor

Findings from a new study showed the divorce rates in the United States dropped during the Great Recession, but are beginning to rebound. The study, conducted by Dr.¬†Adbur¬†Chowdhury¬†at Marquette University titled, “Til Recession Do us Part: Booms, Busts and Divorce … Continue reading

Technology Can Help Or Hurt In Dealing With An Ex

Posted on by Katie Synor

A new study released by the University of Missouri Monday said divorced and separated couples with poor relationships often use technology to manipulate situations, while those with good relationships use it to help better communicate about their children. Researchers found … Continue reading

Study: Divorce May Improve Hostile Relationships

Posted on by Katie Synor

A new study from the Human Development and Family Studies department at the University of Missouri – Columbia offers a glimpse at a more positive outlook for families of divorce. According to Marilyn Coleman, many relationships may improve immediately, or … Continue reading

MO Court of Appeals: Adding Spouse To Property Turns Property Into Marital Asset

Posted on by Katie Synor

A divorce case dividing assets reviewed by the Missouri Court of Appeals last week determined a farm that had belonged to the husband became marital real property after the wife’s name was added to it. The case, JJ v EJ … Continue reading